In stark contrast to therapy and standard counseling practices, good coaching does not look at the client as broken or in need of getting fixed. A good coach sees his or her client as naturally creative, resourceful, and whole. There’s a vital place for teaching and therapy, but instead of getting advice there’s something profoundly empowering about being deeply listened to, and to be allowed to come in contact with ones own creativity, genius, and power.

The co-active model from the Coaches Training Institute isn’t about preventing the coach from giving the answer when they see it, but great coaching comes much more from powerful curiosity and intuition, as well as deep respect for the wisdom, sophistication, intelligence, and sovereignty of the client. I’ve been deeply moved with my own experiences with the co-active coaching model both as a coach and as a client. As a Certified Co-Active Professional Coach through the Coaches Training Institute, I’m in good standing with CTI’s program.

The times we live in are demanding more from us, and we’re also demanding more of ourselves. My coaching is about empowering change and transformation agents that are willing to nurture and call forth the best within us all, for ourselves, our families, our communities, our companies, and our planet. But it starts within ourselves. What are you willing to do to live the life of your dreams in service to a higher calling?

Contact me if you’d like to explore that question with a free sample session.

One thought on “Coaching

  1. Hi Harold, I get the MCN emails, read your site and am interested in learning more about your coaching. We’re developing an extraordinary opportunity for humanity to ‘step forward’ with its relationship to energy, wastes, economics and the environment.

    Needless to say we don’t want to blow it, so I’m interested in speaking with you about what we are doing and possibly enlisting your services/support.

    Thanks for taking a look at our site and getting back to me via email. I can share specific info at that time that will help put us in the local/regional perspective.

    Have a great spring weekend. Regards from somewhere south of Darby on the West Fork,


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