Educating with Agile – Zero to Pro in 12 Weeks

Let’s take a look at education and agile, two awesome topics that fit together beautifully, and how they come together to help people become professional web developers in a very short period in Montana. A great deal of my blog has been devoted to my experience of the Agile Software Development movement and trying to […]

Fueling the Agile Fire in Tractors @JohnDeer

It’s been months since I visited Chad Holdorf, the agile “ninja” who walks the halls of the John Deere Intelligent Solutions Group (ISG) in Des Moines. Chad also influences all of ISG organization out to Illinois, Germany, India, and more, affecting at least 1200 people. When I think back on my experience, I’m still in […]

Jim McCarthy and Culture Hacking

Jim McCarthy, author of the Dynamics of Software Development and co-author with his wife Michele of Software For Your Head, showed up at the Agile Open Northwest conference last week with a protective plastic layer he unfolded on one of the lunch tables. He sat there with blank canvases, paint, and a menu of conversations […]