Everything is Changing

Joe Justice gave the closing keynote at Agile 2012 a few days ago. I’ve written several times about the shifts that are happening in the software industry because of this “agile” stuff. Joe shows how he’s produced in 3 months a street legal safe beautiful car that competed in the X prize and has also been with top auto models at a Detroit auto show between Ford and Chevrolet.

These new methods of building stuff better, faster, and with more fun are coming and changing everything, not just the lives of some programmers. This video will give you a taste of how Joe did it – and why it’s profound – and how he’s also working to bring these techniques for social change. Please, for us all, watch this video!

One thought on “Everything is Changing

  1. That talk was great. Once I drank the agile kool-aid, all I could think about was how other parts of our business could benefit from the process improvements. This video really crystalized that notion for me.

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