The news sucks, try a good blog

Face it, the news can be a real downer. And is it really the truth? If you stick your head in a septic tank and report every detail of how things are decaying and falling apart in there, yeah, it’d be true, but the question is how true. Outside, a tree blooms, children play, birds sing. If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, perhaps truth is in the heart. If that’s true, what kind of truth do we want to put there?

I’ve seen some great truths, some beautiful truths, some helpful truths at The material you’ll find can help improve your game of life, but even more amazing is that you can get in conversation with these folks, and they’re up to great things, writing books, forging networks, and making this little blue brown ball a little better. Check them out, from the founder Troy Worman, to the wonderful Phil Gerbyshak, Trevor Gay, and many others.

A friend once related a horrible study where the mad white coated scientists put cats in a vise so they could see the world, but not interact with it for a long time, and then dissected their brains and compared it to a normal kitten’s development. He said they found it was mush. Don’t let your brains become mush! The bloggers need your comments and interaction to keep them going, and it will help your brain too. See you in the blogosphere.

2 thoughts on “The news sucks, try a good blog

  1. Very interesting picture here, with a cat in a vise equally us viewing the world without interaction. I think of being a fly on a wall, or a cat in a vise, and realize that’s really no life to live, at least not for me. I want to be in the middle of it all, and really LIVE life.

    And I want to comment on blogs, and try to steer away from comment free blogs. Thanks for opening up your world to us here at Shinsato Stuff. The view from the middle where I’m sitting (with you) is GREAT!

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