Pets, The Unified Field Theory, and BSG

A Missoula Resident, Kathy “Keek” Mensing is an animal communicator. She’s a psychic and speaks to pets. She was the cover story in a recent newspaper article in Missoula. Read it for yourself if you want to know her story in detail. When she spoke at Fact or Fiction bookstore in Missoula last Thursday, it was to a standing room only crowd. She’s suddenly received a large amount of attention from her work helping people communicate with their pets, enough that she’s taking her show on the road. She also re-published a book she had written earlier as a loosely bound set of pages, The Way I Hear Them – Stories of an Animal Communicator.

If you browse to that article in the Missoula Independent, you’ll find quite a few vitriolic comments about her work. The very fact of her existence is offensive to many, both in the scientific world and in the church world. She’s either a charlatan or a spokesman for the devil. Missoula is not a big city, and there are many dog lovers here that would know each other. Kathy Mensing clearly has had some positive results with her animal communications, no matter whether you consider it anecdotal or real. But she does her work mostly remotely. She gets a picture of the pet. She sits at her computer and meditates until she gets a feeling for the pet and then she proceeds to ask the pet questions and types out the answers, in grammatically perfect english. She often gives information from the pet owners to the pets, and frequently the pets behaviors actually change.

If one is willing to entertain a reality to this, there is clearly an inherent challenge to the fundamental model of the universe by which our physics text books have operated. In Kathy Mensing’s talk, she said a German man reported after seeing what happened that he had to revise his whole world view.

Books of PythiaWhat is presence? By what medium is it possible for thought to travel? What is time? Perhaps a Unified Field Theory, the Holy Grail that Einstein and modern physics has been seeking, can not succeed without addressing some of these questions.

A very popular and award winning television series, the remake of Battle Star Galactica, they show a civilization struggling with a transition between God belief systems. Ancient holy texts are used to find the way to earth as a new home and an escape from the mechanized monsters they unleashed that are bent on their destruction. Are we on the verge of requiring a fundamental revision of our God-model? Is that perhaps the real meaning of Armaggeddon and the Alpha/Omega creation/destruction myths of our human culture

Kathy Mensing raised a very interesting issue about her success as an animal communicator. Though she has psychic abilities that she has been able to use with human beings, her success with animals somehow is so much less threatening, which is why we humans would be better checking out the database on HeraldNet to see which sites we should look into if we want to get our own psychic readings. It may be better to do this than visiting someone who performs much better with pets. But on saying that, perhaps our pets can provide a way for us to bridge that gap between the way we think things are and the way they really are. If we listen to them.

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  1. Fascinating stuff… I only learned about animal communication recently when I listened to the Coast to Coast radio show on Amelia Kinkade:

    Will Kathy Mensing be in Vancouver, BC anytime soon?

    Yes, we are on the verge of requiring a fundamental revision of our God-model. I have suspicions that this revision is already underway, spurred by natural forces of evolution.

  2. Kathy gave out sheets with her travel schedule. She’ll travel in a motor home and visit different cities in the U.S. It looks like she’ll be in Switzerland in May, but all the other stops on her tour are in the U.S. The closest she’ll be to Vancouver is Portland. You might visit her website at

  3. Hi, Thanks for your comments. In my travels so far I have been truly amazed at how many folks are interested in animal communication. I believe that many of us are seeking new ways of using our untapped abilities. I believe the interest of many is directly a result of the re-visioning of our God model and of our scientific models. While I love animals, my real passion with this work is to teach people to access and use their own intuitive and psychic abilities. I don’t have many answers as to how or why this works, but the results are so often positive, that I keep doing the work.

    I’d love to come to Vancouver, BC. Jeremy, would you like to help me organize a class there?

  4. Kathy,

    It is true that eventhough a lot of times people tend to be very skeptical about animal communication, but when a sessions starts and then they enter this surreal and very rewarding experience that they share with their pets.

    It’s great work that you do, sharing your gifts and helping pet lovers become better pet owners in being able to communicate with their lovely and cute companions.

    Keep it up and all the best to you!

  5. The most real feel of time “the present” is infinitesimal. It cannot be measured. Measurement of time is mostly an afterthought. Time also has similarity to recording devices where “the present” resembles the sharp recording point like laser and past is comparable to the recorded material while future is the unrecorded portion. In this way past is just a memory. Similar thoughts were expressed by Mc Taggart when he described the similarity between written history and stories in their time characteristics suggesting that past is just like recorded material.

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