Technology Tribes

I’ve put off publishing this a while, but a friend reminded me of the value of Seth Godin’s book, Tribes, and I have to put out the word. Jeanette Russel, of Democracy in Action, interviewed me after a talk I gave to the NTen Club in Missoula earlier this year, and which she posted to YouTube. It was about adoption curves and the need to lead and develop tribes – communities of interest – around the mission of their non-profits. But being aware of this need to grow a tribe and the need to be a leader is valid for all endeavors and the landscape has changed dramatically making this need even more critical today.

3 thoughts on “Technology Tribes

  1. Seth Godin is one sharp cookie. How’s the NTen Wii Bowling tribe doing? I’ll become a fan on Facebook if you make a page for it…

  2. No Wii Bowling at NTen that I know of. It was the Missoula Linux Users Group that I mentioned had a Wii Bowling League. That wasn’t really serious, but the MLUG’ers do have Wii game nights occasionally.

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