Generous Web Conspiracy

Browsing Phil Gerbyshak’s quite generous offerings, full of great links, I found this link to Bill Kinnon’s mention of the Generous Web. Bill’s post describes beautifully how one billion online people sharing freely and generously of their knowledge is creating a powerful force for good, a disruptive conspiracy that is changing the world.

Generous websters share the best of what they see on the web, and they do it rapidly through links (and there are wonderful links on Phil’s and Bill’s sites). I challenge everyone to go and do likewise, be a part of the generous web. Take from it, and also add to it. There are many challenges around today that are asking for the best from each of us. Join the conspiracy!

5 thoughts on “Generous Web Conspiracy

  1. Generous web is really what it’s all about. Sharing the love, the links, and whatever else is needed works for ALL of us. Thanks for doing what you do here! Well done!

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