Thanks, Hugh!

me & my macbookproHello from a hotel in Battle Mountain, Nevada. It was as far as I made it last night on my way back to Montana from San Francisco. Notice my new shiny MacBookPro, showing the inbuilt iSight running on iMovie. So this is sort of an iBlogPost. Thank you to Hugh, it was through his support and encouragement I took the bold step of getting this sweet machine. I was seeing it everywhere in California, as I roamed JavaOne 2006 in Moscone Center, San Francisco, hoping I’d get to show of my new MacBookPro, and it was all over the place. Including on the big stage. I was roller blading around Golden Gate Park yesterday, and someone was using it on the side of a road. It was someone who was part of a movie crew.

4 thoughts on “Thanks, Hugh!

  1. Are you sure, it looks like as long as you don’t let your MBP go before it hits something, the motion sensor still gives feedback. I’m writing from my truck in Twin Falls, ID. Couldn’t resist posting somewhere.

  2. You really have to fling the MBP around to get the cool sounds. When your hinge fails from one-too-many Star Wars Kid imitations, you know that your luck has run out. And really, Who needs to imitate the SWK more than once?

  3. Yikes, I think I’ll pass on that bit of fun. I can make the sounds well enough with my mouth, rather than with a multigrand notebook computer.

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