Doing What You Love AND Making a Prosperous Living

Wendy Keilin came to Missoula from New Jersey for Missoula BarCamp 2010. She gave a warm up talk for which you can find the video. She also convened this very excellent session on how to do make a prosperous living doing what you love.

You can find the full audio for the session in this hour long podcast.

Missoula BarCamp 2010 – Wendy Keilin – How to make a prosperous living doing what you love

Or you can read the session notes, which are part of the Missoula BarCamp 2010 website. Although many of the comments came from the audience, and the notes don’t give full attribution to all the attendees, Wendy Keilin has been investigating this question professionally for 10 years, and she has been living it for longer than that. Her stories and experience and thoughts around this are a really great start for doing what you love, whether it’s in the fine arts, in music, or in geekdom. One of the best comments I remember from the audience stated that the days of the lifetime job and being cared for by “the company” are over. Not just the music industry is broken – and we all need to build our own client lists and multiple streams of income.

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