Agility in mind, spirit, and mission

This is a post about software. And it’s about flexibility, adaptability, and world peace. The Agile 2008 conference is officially over yet I find myself experiencing multiple a series of post-conference sessions, if you will, that have occupied my time while wondering how to report on the impact and import of this event. I know […]

GTD and Ho’oponopono

What does David Allen’s business time management program for “Getting Things Done”, or GTD for short, have to do with an ancient Hawaiian shamanic practice? Perhaps nothing on the surface, but they’ve been running together so seamlessly for me that perhaps this meditation will make sense to others as well. David Allen’s program can look […]

When’s a conference not a conference

Much has progressed towards holding an “unconference” in Missoula. An Unconference is a self-organizing event where the participants create the agenda in a transparent fashion. The format encourages dynamic content and participation in a way that a closed agenda event can not. The great people at Missoula’s own ModWest have been early supporters of having […]

The God Delusion

In academic prose and especially college text books, there’s often the statement “the proof is left as an exercise to the reader.” This blog entry was inspired by a Huffington Post article by Deepak Chopra. I hope it inspires thought and some mental exercise. Richard Dawkins has written a number of influential books. He invented […]

A Whole New Story

Dan Pink’s excellent book, “A Whole New Mind,” was a wonderful bit of neon holiday reading. It worked great on the airplane to add a splash of color with the huge title and bright orange cover. Seriously now, the book helped recognize some important trends that make certain skills much more valuable and critical in […]