Generous Web Conspiracy

Browsing Phil Gerbyshak’s quite generous offerings, full of great links, I found this link to Bill Kinnon’s mention of the Generous Web. Bill’s post describes beautifully how one billion online people sharing freely and generously of their knowledge is creating a powerful force for good, a disruptive conspiracy that is changing the world. Generous websters […]

Thanks, Hugh!

Hello from a hotel in Battle Mountain, Nevada. It was as far as I made it last night on my way back to Montana from San Francisco. Notice my new shiny MacBookPro, showing the inbuilt iSight running on iMovie. So this is sort of an iBlogPost. Thank you to Hugh, it was through his support […]

Fortune cookie

This fortune showed up a few weeks ago in a Chinese Restaurant in Missoula. Carl Jung, the Austrian psychologist and contemporary of the atheistic Sigmund Freud was one of the early great psychologists, and for me at least, more useful. Carl Jung taught things that have been proven in more modern empirical studies, such as […]

The Importance of Larking

This post on Bernie DeKoven’s FunLog, Intergenerational Playground Larking, has kind of blown me away. There’s always been a feeling that play is important for your health, but this post shows scientific evidence that it helps for old people to play in playgrounds. […] a “team at Rovaniemi Polytechnic [Finland] [or is that “Funland”?] studied […]

A Blog Diet

If you’re here, you probably know what a blog is. I was lucky enough to first hear about blogs from my estemed Chief Technical Officer, Ramana Rao, the heart and founder of Inxight where I work. At least five years ago he said blogs were going to be big. I respected him, but I didn’t […]